Are the shadows looming....?

Firstly I must apologise for the lack of posts since the end of January. The combination of a busy life and a relative lack of Sherlockian stuff worth talking about are to blame.

10 years an author.

In approximately one week it will be the ten year anniversary of my first book Eliminate the Impossible. I cannot believe it if I'm honest.

Sherlock Holmes Journal Winter 2017

I received the latest edition of The Sherlock Holmes Journal yesterday and I've been through it today on the commute.

Xmas recommendations 2017

Here are the books in the Sherlockian and Doylean fields that I recommend for Xmas 2017.

About Being A Sherlockian

It depresses me a little that my day-to-day work life has prevented me writing anything substantial this year.

Review: The Adventures of Solar Pons Vol 1

Yes I know this is not strictly speaking a Sherlock Holmes or Arthur Conan Doyle matter but you'll have to bear with me as it's a quiet news day (month? year?) from a Holmes perspective.